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Indo-Tibetan bronzes

Ulrich von Schroeder

Indology and Indo-Tibetology : thirty years of Indian and Indo-Tibetan studies in Bonn

Inner Power : Secrets from Tibet and the Orient

Christopher S. Kilham / Published 1988

Inside the treasure house : a time in Tibet

Catriona Bass

Inside Tibetan Buddhism/Rituals and Symbols Revealed : Rituals and Symbols Revealed (Signs of the Sacred)

Robert A. F. Thurman / Published 1995
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Into Tibet: the early British explorers

George Woodcock

Into Tibet; the early British explorers

George Woodcock

Japanese Agent in Tibet : My Ten Years of Travel in Disguise

Hisao Kimura / Published 1991

The Jesuits and the Great Mogul

Edward Maclagan

The Jewel in the Lotus : A Guide to the Buddhist Traditions of Tibet (A Wisdom Basic Book)

Stephen Batchelor (Editor) / Published 1987

Journey Across Tibet

Sorrel Wilby / Published 1989

Journey Across Tibet

Published 1989

The Kalachakra Tantra : Rite of Initiation : For the Stage of Generation : A Commentary on the Text of Kay-Drup-Ge-Lek-Bel-Sang-Bo (A Wisdom Advanced)

Dalai Lama, Jeffrey Hopkins (Editor) / Published 1989

Karmapa : the Black Hat Lama of Tibet

Khams or Eastern Tibet

John Howard Jeffrey

The Kind King and the Magnanimous Mice : A Tibetan Folktale

Chagdud Tulku, Susan Alexander / Published 1993

King of the Cloud Forest

Michael Morpurgo / Published 1991

King of the Cloud Forests

Michael Morpurgo / Published 1988

King of the Cloud Forests

Michael Morpurgo / Published 1992

Lama : A Novel of Tibet

F.R. Hyde-Chambers / Published 1986

Lama : A Novel of Tibet

Frederick Hyde-Chambers / Published 1985

A Lamp for the Path and Commentary : Wisdom of Tibet, No. 5

Atisa / Published 1983

Land and people of Tibet and China in the early twentieth century

W. N. Fergusson

The land of the blue poppy : travels of a naturalist in eastern Tibet

Francis Kingdon Ward

Lands of the thunderbolt : Sikhim, Chumbi & Bhutan

Lawrence John Lumley Dundas Zetland

Last Refuge

Published 1992

Last refuge

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Last Refuge (A Bantam Spectra Book)

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough / Published 1992

Letters from India, Describing a Journey in the British Dominions of India, Tibet, Lahore and Cashmere, During Thr Years 1828-31 Vol 1

Victor Jacquemont / Published 1980

Lhamo, opera from the roof of the world

Joanna Ross

Lhasa, the open city : a journey to Tibet

Suyin Han

Lhasa, the Open City : A Journey to Tibet

Suyin, Pseud. Han / Published 1977

The life and liberation of Padmasambhava


The life and teaching of Geshâe Rabten : a Tibetan Lama's search for truth


The Life of Marpa the Translator : Seeing Accomplishes All

Gtsan-Smyon He-Ru-Ka / Published 1983

The life of Marpa the translator : seeing accomplishes all

Gtsaân-smyon He-ru-ka

The life of Milarepa

Gtsaçn-smyon He-ru-ka

The Lion's Roar : An Introduction to Tantra (Dharma Ocean)

Chogyam Trungpa / Published 1992

The Little Lama of Tibet

Lois Raimondo / Published 1994

Lost world : Tibet

Amaury De Riencourt

The Magic Life of Milarepa : Tibet's Great Yogi

Eva Van Dam / Published 1991

A manual of ritual fire offerings

A Manual of Tibetan Being : A Guide to the Colloquial Speech of Tibet in a Series of Progressive Exercises

Thomas H. Lewin / Published 1985

Materia medica of Tibetan medicine : with illustrations

Bhagwan Dash

The McMahon Line and after : a study of the triangular contest on India's north-eastern frontier between Britain, China, and Tibet, 1904-47

Parshotam Mehra

The medical history of Tibet

Lei Wang

Meditative States in Tibetan Buddhism : The Concentrations and Formless Absorptions (Wisdom Advanced Book: Blue Series)

Leah Zahler (Editor) / Published 1984

The merging of religious and secular rule in Tibet


The message of the Tibetans

Arnaud Desjardins

Mind training like the rays of the sun = Blo-byong Nyi-ma®i ®Od-zer

Nam-kha Pel

Mipam : The Lama of the Five Wisdoms

Lama Yongden / Published 1987

The mirror illuminating the royal genealogies : Tibetan Buddhist historiography : an annotated translation of the XIVth century Tibetan chronicle : rGyal-rabs gsal- ba®i me-long


The "miscellaneous series" of Tibetan texts in the Bihar Research Society, Patna : a handlist

David Paul Jackson

More harvest festival dramas of Tibet

Marion Herbert Duncan

Mountain in Tibet : The Search for Mount Kailas and the Sources of the Great River of Asia

Charles Allen / Published 1982

The Mountains of Tibet

Published 1987
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Mouse King : a Story from Tibet

Yeshe Tsultim / Published 1979

Musical Instruments in Tibetan Legend and Folklore

Peter Crossley-Holland / Published 1982

My Life and Lives : The Story of a Tibetan Incarnation

Rato Khyongla Nawang Losang. / Published 1977

Mystery Rivers of Tibet

Kingdon F. Ward / Published 1987

Mystic Art of Ancient Tibet

Olschak / Published 2000

Mystic Art of Ancient Tibet

Published 1987

Mystic art of ancient Tibet

Blanche Christine Olschak

Mystic Art of Ancient Tibet

Blanche Christine Olschak, Geshe Thupten Wangyal / Published 1987

The Myth of Tibetan autonomy : a legal analysis of the status of Tibet : a report

New majority : Chinese population transfer into Tibet

The Ngor Mandalas of Tibet : plates

Nirvåaòna in Tibetan Buddhism

Eugâene Obermiller

Nothing Sacred

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough / Published 1991

Nothing Sacred

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough / Published 1991

The Nyingma edition of the sDe-dge bKa®-®gyur/bsTan-®gyur : sacred art

The Nyingma edition of the sDe-dge bKa®-®gyur/bsTan-®gyur : sacred art : drawings and maps

Open secrets : a Western guide to Tibetan Buddhism

Walt Anderson

Open Secrets : A Western Guide to Tibetan Buddhism

Walt, Anderson / Published 1980

Open Secrets : A Western Guide to Tibetan Buddhism for Western Spiritual Seekers

Walt Anderson, Adele Aldridge (Illustrator) / Published 1989

The opening of the wisdom-eye and the history of the advancement of Buddhadharma in Tibet


Oracles and demons of Tibet : the cult and iconography of the Tibetan protective deities

Renâe de Nebesky-Wojkowitz

Oracles and demons of Tibet : the cult and iconography of the Tibetan protective deities

Renâe de Nebesky-wojkowitz

Oriental art-- India, Nepal and Tibet--for pleasure and investment

Michael Ridley

Oriental art: India, Nepal, and Tibet, for pleasure and investment

Michael Ridley

Peaks and Lamas

Marco Pallis / Published 1975

Peaks and lamas

Marco Pallis

People in High Places : Approaches to Tibet

Audrey Salkeld / Published 1993

The people of Tibet

Charles Alfred Bell

The Potala of Tibet = [Hsi-tsang Pu-ta-la kung]

Potala Palace of Tibet

Cultural Relics Admin Comm Tibet Autonomous Region / Published 1983

Potala Palace of Tibet

Cultural Relics Administration Committee / Published 1983

The Power-Places of Central Tibet

Published 1988

The Power-Places of Central Tibet : The Pilgrim's Guide

Keith Dowman / Published 1988

Practice and theory of Tibetan Buddhism

Prague collection of Tibetan prints from Derge; a facsimile reproduction of 5,615 book-titles printed at the dGon-chen and dPal-spungs monasteries of Derge in Eastern Tibet

Prince Jiçn-Gim's textbook of Tibetan Buddhism = the âSes-bya rab-gsal (Jäneya-prakåaâsa)

®Phags-pa Blo-gros-rgyal-mtshan

Proceedings of the Csoma de Kîorèos Memorial Symposium : held at Mâatrafèured, Hungary, 24-30 September, 1976

Proceedings of the International Seminar on the Anthropology of Tibet and the Himalaya : September 21-28 1990 at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich

Programming and Designing With the 68000 Family : Including the 68000, the 68010/12, the 68020, and the 68030

Tibet Mimar / Published 1991

Psycho-cosmic symbolism of the Buddhist ståupa

Anagarika Brahmacari Govinda

A quest of flowers : the plant explorations of Frank Ludlow and George Sherriff : told from their diaries and other occasional writings

Harold Roy Fletcher

The realm of Tibetan Buddhism

Chi-ch°eng Li

Red star over Tibet

Dawa Norbu

Red Star over Tibet

Dawa Norbu / Published 1988


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