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The Bodhi Pines Photo Album

Yup, this is where we live.

All the people are guests that came for the teaching of The Three Visions.

It was a blessing to be able to see His Emminence Chagdud Tulku off at the Miami airport following his teaching and empowerment of Red Tara. The skycap latched onto us and had a great time. He said there was "something about the Lama that drew him". (Look at the smiles)

Waking up after a nap on the beach while traveling back to South Carolina from the teachings given by His Emminence Chagdud Tulku in Miami.

Amber with her grandpa at her graduation. Amber and her boyfriend have a house next to her Mom's house here.

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The Heart of Perfect Wisdom Sutra

Mahamudra with an INTERACTIVE image of The Nine Stages of Tranquility

HUM is where the HEART is ! An INTERACTIVE image of the seed syllable HUM

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