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Treasure Beads
Item NumberDescriptionSizePrice
JC00508-367JOINTED SEAHORSES35 x 18 mm$ 2.30
Choose from bright blue,
sky, or sunset
JC00508-368CHINESE CARP1 inch $ 1.60
Gold plate is sky, black;
Silver plate is white, black
JC00508-369CINNABAR10 mm$ 12.50
JC00508-37050 piece strands of12 mm$ 12.50
JC00508-371carved red cinnabar15 mm$ 12.50
JC00508-372GHUNGAROO (100 count)20 mm$ 14.00
long hollow bells with
stems available in brass,
silver plate, or dark bronze
JC00508-373BABY BELLS (100 count)5 mm$ 10.00
solid drops with a
sodered loop; bright brass
JC00508-374LITTLE FISH (50 count)12 x 18 mm$ 11.00
choose red, cobalt,
bottle green, peach
black, amber, or clear
JC00508-375BIGGER FISH22 x 24 mm$ .60
frosted clear, bottle green,
clear, black, amber, red,
bright blue, spring green,
frosted green, cobalt,
emerald, and amythest
JC00508-376FROG (50 count)15 x 18 mm$ 13.00
choose clear, cobalt,
amber, amythest, red,
black, bright blue,
bottle green, or peach

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